Apply for a Permit


An encroachment permit is required for any improvements proposed in the levee right-of-way or CDID #1 easement and ownership areas. Depending on whether your project is located on or near one of the levees or within our internal drainage system, you will need to submit an application for a federal or non-federal permit.

Submission Requirements

Applications can be submitted online, in person, by mail or email. Permits will be issued to the property owner or authorized agent. Refer to our Applicant Guide to Preparing Drawing Submittals for instructions how to prepare project drawings. Submissions are preferred in PDF format and must be provided as follows based on the level of review required:

  • Tier 1 - Simple Review: Electronic format or (1) reproducible hardcopy
  • Tier 2 - Detailed Review: Electronic format and (1) reproducible hardcopy
  • Tier 3 - Complex Review: Electronic submission per USACE Paperless Initiative

You must pre-apply for any federal permit (Tier 3) to determine whether Section 408 review is required, regardless of project size or complexity.


Download the application form.  

If your project is located in the interior drainage system, submit an Encroachment Permit Application - Interior Drainage Areas.  

If your project is located along the Cowlitz or Columbia Rivers, submit an Encroachment Permit Application - Federal Levee ROW