Columbia River at a Glance


As the water level in the Columbia River climbs, here is what you can expect. 

  • 12-feet: Bank Full Level
    Water flows along its normal banks and is well below the top of the levee.
  • 13.5-feet: Flood Stage
    The water level is still below the levee but CDID #1 begins to monitor the river more closely. Expect minor flooding of farmland and low-lying areas not protected by levees
  • 15-feet: Moderate Flood Stage
    The risk of flood potential is increasing and CDID #1 increases its effort to monitor both the river and the levee conditions.
  • 18-feet: Major Flood Stage
    Expect major and widespread flowing of unleveed lowlands in and near Longview.

The lowest elevation on CDID #1’s Columbia River levee is approximately 28-feet in the area of Barlow Point.


To find out how high the Columbia River is today, check the Columbia River Gauge Station (Longview)