Cowlitz River at a Glance


As the water level in the Cowlitz River climbs, here is what you can expect. At:

  • 19.5-feet: Bank Full Level
    Water flows along its normal banks and is well below the top of the levee.
  • 21.5-feet: Flood Stage
    The water level is still below the levee but CDID #1 begins to monitor the river more closely. Low lying and secondary roads begin to flood in certain unleveed areas.
  • 24.5-feet: Moderate Flood Stage
    The risk of flood potential is increasing and CDID #1 increases its effort to monitor both the river and the levee conditions.
  • 28.5-feet: Major Flood Stage
    Numerous roads are flooded and some levees are subject to erosion and overtopping.

The lowest elevation on CDID #1’s Cowlitz River levee is approximately 32-feet near the Hall of Justice. CDID #1 has the material and equipment on standby to close the levee at Fishers Lane and temporarily raise the levee at the Hall of Justice, if needed.


To find out how high the Cowlitz River is today, check the Cowlitz River Gauge Station (Kelso)