Invasive Species Control


The nutria is classified as a Prohibited Aquatic Animal Species Nutriaunder WAC 220-12-090.

Nutria’s extensive herbivory and burrowing habits have devastating impacts on wetlands, water conveyances and flood protection infrastructure.  Burrowing creates weak points that cause erosion and can lead to failures and bank collapse.  Left unchecked, tunneling can become so extensive that water will flow unobstructed from one side of an embankment to the other, requiring complete reconstruction.

Because they are classified as invasive, all live-trapped nutria are to be euthanized and not returned to the wild. CDID #1 actively dispatches nutria using lethal measures.  To help prevent the spread of invasive species, please contact us if you are having a nutria problem or see them often in the ditches around your home.


Diagram depicting a Nutria den