Ditch Maintenance

CDID#1 can’t always control the volume or velocity of stormwater in its ditches, particularly when much of the water originates outside the district.  Instead, we do our best to maintain and increase the ability to move water by keeping our ditches free of debris, removing vegetation, dredging accumulated sediment, and maintaining pumping capacity.  

Bank Erosion

The passage of time and the presence of water eventually erodes the bank of some drainage ways. Erosion, accretion and bank collapse can result in a gradual or sudden shifting of a waterway.  

CDID#1 makes reasonable efforts to maintain its ditches and to keep them from encroaching beyond the District’s property or easement line. We also make frequent bank repairs to improve access for moving equipment in and out of an area.

Recycled Concrete

We do our best to be environmentally conscious by upcycling concrete rubble that might otherwise take up space in a landfill. We accept concrete at no charge from municipal, commercial and residential projects involving demolition of un-reinforced slabs, foundations, sidewalk, driveways, etc. and use it to repair and improve our ditch banks.  Concrete should be clean and free of rebar.

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