Grass is the most effective and economical way to protect our levees and drainage ways against erosion from runoff, channel flows and wave wash. Periodic mowing is essential to maintain ground cover, control weeds and prevent the growth of brush and saplings. Long grass makes inspection difficult and can hide serious concerns such as rodent activity, root intrusion, slides and other signs of bank failure.

We mow the flood control levees and interior conveyance system annually. To avoid moving equipment more than necessary, we generally begin in west Longview and spiral outward.

Mowing Schedule

Our mowing follows the same general schedule but timing is subject to weather, equipment failures and other priorities. We cannot accommodate individual mowing requests.

  • April - 42nd Avenue to Coal Creek Road, north of Ocean Beach Highway
  • May - west of 30th Avenue, north of Memorial Park Drive
  • June - east of 30th Avenue to West Side Highway, south of Pacific Way
  • July - along 3rd Avenue and Industrial Way
  • August - Cowlitz and Columbia River levees
Annual Mowing