Recent Projects

Ditch 6 Cleanout

  • Date: July 2023
  • Project Scope: We're building a lower bench across from the 30th Avenue trail head so we can remove material that washes out into Ditch 6 from the hills above Glenwood Drive without closing the walking trail. We'll come back in the fall to hydroseed and plant a few street trees.
  • Benefit: Improved Maintenance.
Ditch 6 Cleanout
Ditch 6 Cleanout - New Sidewalk

Mini Excavator Purchase

  • Date: June 2023
  • Project Scope: We recently purchased a mini excavator with a brush head attachment so we can get into some of our smaller drains more easily to mow and knock down blackberries.
  • Benefit: Improved Maintenance.
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator at Drain 24

Mobile Diesel Generator

  • Date: March 2023
  • Project Scope: We issued a purchase order to buy a trailer-mounted emergency generator that can be towed to any of our remote pump stations.  At 1500 kW, the generator will have enough power to run one or both pumps at station where we have installed a docking station and transfer switch.  Due to supply chain issues, it may take up to two years before the generator is delivered to us.
  • Benefit: Emergency readiness.

Pump Station Transfer Switches

  • Date: January 2023
  • Project Scope: We recently installed docking stations at two of our pump stations. Each one includes a transfer switch so we can quickly connect a mobile generator and keep pumping water during a power outage.  
  • Benefit: Emergency readiness.
Docking Station In Progress
Docking Station

Ditch 15 Improvements

  • Date: August 2022 
  • Project Scope: We are improving Ditch 15 between Branch Creek and Schneiter Drive to handle runoff generated by new development. This is a naturally occurring slough, thick with brush, blackberries, undergrowth and stumps.
  • Benefit: Improve flow and system capacity.
Ditch 15 - Before
Ditch 15 - After

New Excavator Purchase

  • Date: August 2022 
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 purchased a new excavator and is working with a local machine shop to maximize its reach and build a custom grapple we can use to grab weeds, clean ditches, shape banks and maybe even make us coffee in the morning. We are always looking for innovative ways to be more efficient as we work! 
  • Benefit: Functional upgrade and improved maintenance.
Grapple - Side View

Main Pump Station Gear Upgrade

  • Date: August 2022 
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 contracted with a local independent electrical contractor to replace the main switchgear and motor control center at our Main Pump Station to provide arc-flash safety and smart controls.  If you noticed the water level was high last last summer, this is why!  The project is complete and has been fully integrated into our SCADA systems for peak operation, monitoring capability and alarm functions.
  • Benefit: Safety and reliability enhancement.

Switchgear - MCC Upgrade

46th Avenue Walking Trail

  • Date: July 2022 
  • Project Scope: This project began as an effort to remove massive amounts of yellow flag iris. To complement the City's plans to improve 46th Ave, work continues to build an access road that will eventually connect to Windemere Park and be finished as a public trail.  
  • Benefit: Maintenance and community amenity.
Yellow Flag Iris Removal
Maintenance Access Road

Coal Creek Levee Paving

  • Date: June 2022 
  • Project Scope: We paved the levee from Coal Creek to our main pump station. It keeps the dust down and is available for public use. Please park where it won't block access and pick up after pets!    
  • Benefit: Maintenance and community amenity.
Paving Equipment
Paved Levee Road

Main Pump Station Culvert Repairs

  • Date: August 2021
  • Project Scope: Routine inspection identified cracks in a large concrete box culvert, and pinholes in a 6-ft metal arch culvert, at / under our Main Pump Station. We’ve hired a local contractor to make structural crack repairs and spray line the culvert using a heavy epoxy coating with a 50-year life.
  • Benefit: Infrastructure improvement.
Preparing Culvert for Epoxy Liner

Motor Reconditioning - Main Pump Station Motors #1 and #8

  • Date: September 2020
  • Project Scope: Our motors are statically and dynamically tested annually to check for vibration and signs of deterioration in the bearings and windings. CDID#1 pulled two motors in July for bearing replacement and reconditioning after detecting higher than normal vibration. Both motors will be re-installed later this summer.         
  • Benefit: Equipment readiness and reliability.
Pulling Main Pump Station Motor No. 1

Ditch 10 Benching

  • Date: July 2020
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 contracted with a local contractor to bench Ditch 10 at Schneiter Drive. Benching provides better access to get equipment in alongside the ditch for vegetation removal, and reduces the potential for bank sloughing.
  • Benefit: Improved access and maintenance.
CDID1 Access at Schneiter Drive
Ditch 10 Lower Bench

West Side Highway Storage Facility

  • Date: July 2019
  • Project Scope: In the event of a flood, a temporary flood wall will be constructed across West Side Highway to close the Cowlitz River levee near Fishers Lane. CDID#1 contracted with a local builder to construct a secure storage building and lay-down area to house flood fight equipment and supplies.
  • Benefit: Emergency readiness.
West Side Highway Storage Building

Ditch 12 Tree Removal

  • Date: April 2019
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 partnered with Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company to fall (64) 120-ft tall cottonwood trees along Memorial Park Drive. Several trees had trunk rot or beaver damage and posed risk to nearby homes, high voltage power lines and CDID#1 conveyances.
  • Benefit: Safety and reliability enhancement.

Ditch 12 Tree Removal 1

Ditch 12 Tree Removal 2

36th Avenue Trash Rack

  • Date: November 2018
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 partnered with the City of Longview to construct a trash rack on Cutoff Slough where twin 60-inch culverts require frequent maintenance to remove blockages. The new trash rack protects the culverts, screens out debris and provides access for maintenance equipment.
  • Benefit: Improves flow and water quality.


36th Avenue Trash Rack (Before)


36th Avenue Trash Rack (After)

48th Avenue Debris Boom

  • Date: October 2018
  • Project Scope: Heavy rainfall causes thick mats of aquatic weeds to stack up in front of the 48th Avenue pump station until choked flow shuts off the pumps. To improve operation, CDID#1 constructed a debris boom and landing area to mechanically remove weeds upstream of the pump station.
  • Benefit: Improves flow and reduces outages.

48th Avenue PS Debris Boom (After)