Recent Projects

Main Pump Station Culvert Repairs

  • Date: In Progress
  • Project Scope: Routine inspection identified cracks in a large concrete box culvert, and pinholes in a 6-ft metal arch culvert, at / under our Main Pump Station. We’ve hired a local contractor to make structural crack repairs and spray line the culvert using a heavy epoxy coating with a 50-year life. If you’ve noticed Ditch 6 is low, this is why!
  • Benefit: Infrastructure improvement.
Preparing Culvert for Epoxy Liner

Motor Reconditioning - Main Pump Station Motors #1 and #8

  • Date: In Progress
  • Project Scope: Our motors are statically and dynamically tested annually to check for vibration and signs of deterioration in the bearings and windings. CDID#1 pulled two motors in July for bearing replacement and reconditioning after detecting higher than normal vibration. Both motors will be re-installed later this summer.         
  • Benefit: Equipment readiness and reliability.
Pulling Main Pump Station Motor No. 1

Ditch 10 Benching

  • Date: In Progress
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 contracted with a local contractor to bench Ditch 10 at Schneiter Drive. Benching provides better access to get equipment in alongside the ditch for vegetation removal, and reduces the potential for bank sloughing.
  • Benefit: Improved access and maintenance.
CDID1 Access at Schneiter Drive
Ditch 10 Lower Bench

Main Pump Station Gear Upgrade

  • Date: In Progress
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 contracted with a local independent electrical contractor to replace and upgrade the main switchgear and motor control center at our Main Pump Station to provide arc-flash mitigation and smart control.
  • Benefit: Safety and reliability enhancements.

Switchgear - MCC Upgrade

West Side Highway Storage Facility

  • Date: July 2019
  • Project Scope: In the event of a flood, a temporary flood wall will be constructed across West Side Highway to close the Cowlitz River levee near Fishers Lane. CDID#1 contracted with a local builder to construct a secure storage building and lay-down area to house flood fight equipment and supplies.
  • Benefit: Emergency readiness.
West Side Highway Storage Building

Ditch 12 Tree Removal

  • Date: April 2019
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 partnered with Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company to fall (64) cottonwood trees in excess of 120-feet tall along Memorial Park Drive. Several trees had trunk rot and beaver damage and posed a threat to nearby homes, high voltage power lines and CDID#1 conveyances.
  • Benefit: Safety and reliability enhancements.

Ditch 12 Tree Removal 1

Ditch 12 Tree Removal 2

36th Avenue Trash Rack

  • Date: November 2018
  • Project Scope: CDID#1 partnered with the City of Longview to construct a trash rack on Cutoff Slough where twin 60-inch culverts require frequent maintenance to remove blockages. The new trash rack protects the culverts, screens out debris and provides access for maintenance equipment.
  • Benefit: Improves flow and water quality.


36th Avenue Trash Rack (Before)


36th Avenue Trash Rack (After)

48th Avenue Debris Boom

  • Date: October 2018
  • Project Scope: Heavy rainfall causes thick mats of aquatic weeds to stack up in front of the 48th Avenue pump station until choked flow shuts off the pumps. To improve operation, CDID#1 constructed a debris boom and landing area to mechanically remove weeds upstream of the pump station.
  • Benefit: Improves flow and reduces outages.

48th Avenue PS Debris Boom (After)